All Nations Community Church
Tuesday, December 12, 2017
Presenting the gospel of Jesus Christ to all people.


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Regular visitors in the park..

Park Ministry: Compel them to Come

Then the master said to the servant, 'Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled.  Luke 14:23 NKJV


Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Park on St. Helena Island belongs to Penn Center and it’s maintained by a group of churches on the island. All Nations Community Church, ANCC, began an evangelistic outreach in the park 5 years ago during the annual Penn Center Heritage Days Celebration the second weekend of November, by serving free coffee, hot chocolate, bottled water, doughnuts and other refreshments along with gospel tracts, new testaments, and offering to pray with people and shared the gospel. Easter 2010 we extended our ministry in the park to include an entire weekend of ministry events to reach out to residents of St. Helena Island that included publically reading the scripture text covering the Passion Week of Jesus, Christian movies were shown Saving God, Veggie Tales: Easter Carol, Something to Sing About, and the Gospel of John Movie, a gospel rap concert featuring local artists Sir-Viva and Result of Walk Right Music, an Easter Egg Hunt and other games, culminating with Resurrection Day service in the park.
Since then we have held many services in the park on Sundays followed by a free lunch. Monthly we sponsor Christian concerts and movies and a free concession. This ministry is an outreach to the members of our community; its purpose is to share the love of God and the gospel message to all who are in or near the park. There are people in our community as in others around the world are sinners, whose lives are messed up with drugs, alcohol, gambling, sexual immorality, violence, theft, in and out of jail, and in many other sins and situations and though we are not perfect, as born again Christians we are charged to serve our community in this way.  With the decline of people in the park on Sundays we are moving to hosting ministry events on Saturdays. 
We hope that someone hearing the message of God’s love, His call to them of repentance, His offer of forgiveness will turn their heart and life over to God and allow Him to make them a new. It is our prayer that the life testimony of Mel Trotter can be so for themen and women who socialize in and near the park. “Mel Trotter was a helpless drunk on his way to the murky waters of Lake Michigan. He had given up on any hope of change and was going to take his life. But a friendly invitation from a doorman to come into the Pacific Garden Mission to hear a gospel message was the beginning of a new life for Trotter. Superintendent Harry Monroe's own testimony touched Trotter's heart and he cried out to the Lord for forgiveness. Trotter's life was dramatically changed. He lost the thirst for alcohol and received complete victory.”

 All are Welcome

Anyone in the vicinity of the park, passing by, at the Island Plaza store or gas station, exiting a nearby restaurant, or already seated in the park is welcome to attend any service we conduct in the park at any time.  You may be a visitor to the area, camping at one of the campgrounds without "church clothes" and would like to worship at a nearby service, you are welcome in the park. If you weren't planning to go to church but see the service in the park and have a change of heart, stop by and visit, you're welcome!  We invite you to come over to the park and feel free to take a seat on any available chair or bench, bring a blanket  sit on the ground, or even stay in your vehicle and let the windows down it's your choice.   If we are not in the park, look for us at Jasmine Cottage on the Penn Center Campus for our indoor service.